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Amna's Jiu-jitsu Experience

My name is Amna and I am 11 years old. My favourite subjects are: English, science (my dream is to become a scientist/doctor one day) and maths. I am in my final year of primary education-obviously year 6-and I am looking forward to starting next year, a new chapter of my life at my new school. I love reading, playing with my friends, keeping fit and sport.

How it started?

A year ago, I was introduced by my cousins to a sport called Jiu-jitsu. Honestly, I never heard of it before and I didn’t know what it was about. My cousins, who are already reigning champions at this particular sport, told me how interesting it was! They also explained to me that jiu-jitsu requires skills like being constantly agile and always thinking ahead of your opponent. Zahir, my older cousin and my coach too advised me to always be the first to initiate the game and be in charge of it in order to win.

When I heard this and more, I felt so excited and started to fall in love with this extremely competitive sport. The next day I and my brother were enrolled in the same jujitsu club and were looking forward to our first session.

All about the sport

Jiu-jitsu is a Brazilian sport, which involves grappling, submission and discipline. It is a very gentle art which promotes social skills and provides opportunities to meet new friends. It is also a place where I can put the burden of SATs aside, be myself, feel free and push myself more and more to achieve the best. The sport can be very complicated at times, but as you keep trying, you learn more technics to refine your skills and gain more confidence when going for competitions.

Where I am now

I still remember my first day at the jiu-jitsu club, in my new Gi (a Gi is a uniform I have to wear in order to do jiu-jitsu) I was so nervous and elated too. During last year, I have participated in two competitions (South-East open and the Icon jiu-jitsu championships) and I have won 2 gold medals. Every time I stood on the awarding podium, I felt on top of the world and proud of what I have achieved.  

I feel so confident and resilient and I am ready to take on anything. The next step for me is to be graded a new belt which I am looking forward to. I am also practicing hard and preparing for my next competitions in March. I am hoping to win again and bring gold home.

My thoughts on women’s sport

I am very fortunate to be able to compete in a sport that is mainly dominated by men, but I have noticed that there are less girls than boys in the competitions that I have participated in. At times I had to compete boys because there were not enough girls in my division. I hope this, changes soon! I believe in girls’ power! Girls should be given equal opportunities in accessing all sport games because they can reach amazing achievements. They are strong, intelligent, resilient and able to conquer anything that comes in their way. Go girls!