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Wexham Court

Primary School

Preparing every child to become a successful individual in an ever evolving world

Stars of the Week

Any children selected by their class teacher to be the star of the week will be shown here. The children below have been chosen to be Star of the Term for Autumn Term 2018!

Year Group Pupils


Faidra - England     Japji - Wales     Hashim - Scotland

Year 1

Sarita - Fiji  Hafsa - Tonga  Fatima - Australia

Year 2

Bhavana - Mexico  Anshveer - Jamaica  Divjot - Canada

Year 3

Inderpreet - Chile   Aiesha - Peru      Guvina - Ecuador

Year 4

Huzaifa - Mozambique  Jawad - Morocco  Thrisha - Tanzania

Year 5

Aleena F. - Hungary  Ibrahim A. - Italy  Jasleen - France

Year 6

- Thailand  Fahad - China  Anusha - Nepal

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