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Wexham Court

Primary School

Preparing every child to become a successful individual in an ever evolving world

Our Staff



Miss N. Mehat

Head Teacher

Mrs R. Chahal

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A. Sharma

SEN Co-ordinator

Mrs H. Harris

Head of Standards & PPG

Mrs S. Burt

Head of Year 6 and Reading

Miss L. Snaddon

Head of Year 4 and Enquiry Curriculum 

Miss R. Orsi

Well Being Lead & Lead Practitioner


Mrs S. Johal

Head of Maths & NQT Coordinator


Mrs M. Fotheringham

Head of Early Years & Teacher

Mrs E. Schuchert


Mrs C. Ward


Mrs J. Younis

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs C. Barron

Early Years Practitioner

Miss K. Beck

Early Years Practitioner


Mrs A. Rehman

Head of Year & Teacher - R Scotland

Miss K. Cotton

Teacher - R England

Ms K. Kobayashi

Teacher - R Wales

Miss G. Thompson

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs P. Chana

Early Years Practitioner

Miss M. Jandu

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs S. Scully

Teaching Assistant


Mrs B. Williams

Head of Year & Teacher - 1 Fiji

Miss I. Barnett

Teacher - 1 Tonga

Miss P. Tauwhare

Teacher - 1 Australia

Mrs C. Cook

Head of Year & Teacher - 2 Mexico

Mrs S. Lallh

Teacher - 2 Jamaica

Mrs B. Patel/Miss R.Orsi

Teacher - 2 Canada

Miss M. Nawaz

 Head of Year & Teacher - 3 Chile

Miss E. Deathridge

Teacher - 3 Ecuador

Mr S. Grist

Teacher - 3 Peru


Miss L. Snaddon

Head of Year and Assistant Head

Mr K. Saud

Teacher - 4 Tanzania

Mr A. Foy

Teacher - 4 Mozambique

Miss R. Harrison

Teacher - 4 Morocco

Miss S. Butt

Head of Year & Teacher - 5 Italy

Miss R. Coggins

Teacher - 5 Hungary

Miss J. Dockerill

Teachers - 5 France

Mrs S. Burt

Head of Year & Assistant Head

Miss M. Lawson

Teacher - 6 Nepal

Miss S. Hillyard

Teacher - 6 Thailand

Miss C. Thistle

Teacher - 6 China


Ms S. Stopps

Speech and Language Intervention

Mrs N. Habib

PPA Support Teacher

Ms E. Wojiechowska

PPA Support Teacher

Mrs. K. Dhuga

Year 1 - Early Years Practitioner

Mrs. K. Little

Year 1

Mrs M. Chaudhery

Year 1

Mrs J. Saggu

Year 2

Miss T. Khan

Year 2

Miss K. Wakley

Year 2

Mrs R. Sankla

Year 3

Mrs R. Heer

Year 3

Mrs A. Mangat

Year 3

Mrs. H. Kaur

Year 4

Mrs F. Shafi

Year 4

Mr R. Ensby

Year 5

Miss A. Bevan

Year 5

Mr A. Ali

Year 5

Mrs E. Davison

Year 6

Miss M. Green

Year 6

Ms S. Robinson

Intervention Teaching Assistant

Mr H. Ellis

Intervention Teaching Assistant


Mr M. Dhillon


Mrs A. Mian

PA to Head Teacher

Mrs L. Goddard

Attendance Officer

Mrs D. Thistle

Admissions Officer

Mrs C. Woolhouse


Mrs A. Khera

HR Assistant

Mrs R. Sahans

Reprographic Technician


Mr P. Hooper

Site Manager

Mr P. Butler

Site Controller


Mrs S. Verma

Finance Assistant

Mr A. Nayyar

Financial Consultant


Ms. T. Nivas

Supervisor & Welfare Assistant

Mr A. Ali

Miss A. Bevan

Mrs A. Bhatti

Miss K. Wakley

Mrs F. Shafi

Miss D. Wilson

Miss M. Green

Mrs A. Mangat

Mrs R Heer

Mrs N. Hussain

Mrs T. Hussain

Mrs T. Khan

Mrs M. Khangura

Mrs A. Khan

Mrs R. Sahans

Mrs S. Scully

Mrs M. Ridgley

Mrs S. Stubbles

Miss G. Tansley

Mr R. Verma

Ms J. Williams

Mrs S. Ahmed

Mrs N. Imran