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Wexham Court

Primary School

Preparing every child to become a successful individual in an ever evolving world

Working For Us





From the headteacher,

Thank you for your interest to work at Wexham Court Primary School. Wexham Court is a beautiful school situated in a culturally diverse area on the border of Slough and Buckinghamshire.

The children in Wexham are delightful, I feel privileged to be a part of their learning journey and immensely enjoy their company. The staff and pupils have a mutual respect for each other and work well as a team. Wexham is in a very strong position, with excellent results, placing us in the top 6 schools locally. We are proud of our achievements and believe we do a good job here as recognised by OFSTED 2016

This school is truly unique and a wonderful place to work. I would strongly recommend a visit to the school so that you too can meet our lovely pupils and staff and see our school in action.

From the pupils

Welcome to our school,

We would like you to know that this is a welcoming, safe and sound school that never lets anyone down. There is always help if you need it no matter how big or small. It feels like a happy community with wonderfully nice teachers.

We will make you feel very welcome, listen to your good advice and try our very best every day. We promise to say good morning and share with you our many stories

From the staff

With Wexham Court, what you see is what you get.

The leadership team are openly approachable and go out of their way to help. The children are truly amazing! The behaviour is very good here and pupils are always willing to learn. The school has lots of resources such as IPADS, smart boards, art supplies and have just purchased a school radio.

The parents are very supportive. They often thank us for our hard work and even bring food in during parent’s evenings. They understand we work hard and allow us the space to do our job

The most important thing to know is that we are a really strong team and need staff who are energetic and committed. Come in and have a chat with any one of us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Working Here

We take a huge amount of pride in the working environment that we have created here.

Crucial to our success is the support structure that we have in place. This is the case both in terms of what we have implemented ourselves and the one that has developed naturally throughout our faculty.

Our Wellbeing Team is available to alleviate workloads, provide counselling and stress management as well as offering a buddy system.

Our teaching staff have become a supportive family, ensuring that no individual is alone in their work. This includes holding marking parties, sharing ideas and developing best practice between them.

Needless to say, you’ll have plenty of support in your work here.

As part of our commitment to providing our children with the best possible start to their education, we have embraced innovative approaches to learning. These are:

  • Talk for Writing
  • RML Phonics
  • Maths Mastery
  • An Enquiry based Curriculum; and
  • Jigsaw PSHE.

Each of these is designed to support better understanding and learning in key areas of a child’s early education.

We’re incredibly well resourced. Each teacher has their own laptop and each classroom has a SmartBoard and six iPads. You’ll also have access to our modern IT suite to support your teaching.

But it’s not all hard work, our school is a fun and sociable place. The staff room is always a happy place, the teachers can often be found in the pub on a Friday afternoon and we have fortnightly Fun Day Fridays. These are held by a different team each time, with a different theme, food and entertainment.

Our Vision

Here at Wexham Court Primary School, we are committed to providing the best possible start to our children’s educations. We want them to leave our school in the strongest position to go on and achieve to their full potential. We want them to move forward with their education eager to achieve whatever they want to do.

We place a huge amount of focus on communication. We recognise that their time with us is a crucial point in a child’s development and we go to great lengths to promote confidence in ideas and knowledge.

We also go to great lengths to promote resilience amongst our children. We firmly believe that we are developing tomorrow’s leaders and see this as a crucial attribute.

Our vision for our staff very much mirrors those we have for the children.

We have invested significantly in training and resource to allow our people to achieve. We realise that this obviously benefits the pupils but we also want it to benefit them as professionals. We want our staff to grow with us, develop new skills and build their confidence and abilities.

Local Area

Those relocating to Wexham or nearby never take long to fall in love it. Exploring the local area will uncover so many treasures.

We enjoy incredible natural beauty. We’re nestled on the edge of the Colne Valley Regional Park, which covers 40 square miles and boasts woodland, farmland as well as 200 miles of river, canal and lakes.

We’re also a stone’s throw away from the delights of Windsor as well as the world famous Pinewood Studios.

Wexham is practically on the doorstep of the capital and the upcoming CrossRail will make central London more accessible than ever before. Despite the proximity of London, house prices in the area fall significantly below those in the big city. 

With fantastic housing, incredible schools and a wealth of nature, culture and heritage, we’re confident that this is a place you’ll be proud to call home.

Rewards & Benefits

We do everything we can to reward our people’s hard work.

The school itself is a massive benefit. Not only are we incredibly well resourced but we have the luxury of a stunning setting. This includes nice buildings, woodland and forest areas, and garden area where we grow our own fruit and vegetables.

All of our teachers enjoy substantial time and resource to properly prepare, this includes our fantastic Planning Preparation Area. We also allow days off from teaching so teachers can do reports.

For those keen to carry out research projects, we provide time off where possible as well as access to all school resources.

Other standard staff benefits include local counselling and physio services and access to our pension scheme.

Those in middle leadership roles have the opportunity to work towards bonuses, dependent on specific performance targets.

We are always reviewing our benefits scheme, with new additions likely to come in the future.

Training & Development

We understand that the best way of ensuring that the pupils in our school receive the highest quality of education is to fill our school with confident, well-trained teachers.

We take training and development very seriously, ensuring that our people continue their learning throughout their careers.


For those just starting out, we recognise the impact that your first full-time teaching position will have on your career moving forward.

This is why we have ensured that our NQT provides new teachers with the best, most positive start possible. Our NQT programme includes regular mentoring and opportunities to observe other teachers in order to gain a clear idea of best practice.

We monitor all NQTs carefully to identify their areas of expertise, they then have the opportunity to further shadow specific members of staff in order to further develop in these areas.


Whether taking their first steps into middle leadership or moving out of the classroom into a full-time management role, we make sure that our staff have the support they need to be a success.

We want to develop leaders that can compassionately, yet effectively, drive education forward and equip others to do the same.

Leadership training may involve one-to-one mentoring, the opportunity to meet professionals in other schools in similar situations and involvement in the Aspire to Lead programme. Our people will also be given the opportunity to carry out research projects and outside study as part of their leadership pathway.

We have everything in place to ensure that great teachers are able to become great leaders.

Continued Professional Development

We pride ourselves on our ability to take an active and positive approach to areas which our teachers find challenging or have notable skills gaps.

Where required, we work with our people to implement a six week CPD plan. In these instances, teachers will have a clear learning path and mentoring to develop skills and confidence.