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Tanzania Class

Amazing Work Tanzania Class!

I was amazed by the work my class produced as part of their project work about Tanzania. Working in groups of 3, they researched facts on a topic about Tanzania and then created a poster.

I was convinced they would need a pre-designed template, but I decided to try and let them make their own templates first. I gave them some to look at and they used the templates to make completely original designs. I was certain there would be issues with not drawing their boxes straight or the lines not being straight but they took full ownership and made templates completely different to the examples. Their own designs looked so much better.

Next, I was sure they would make mistakes with pictures, presentation and handwriting so I photocopied extras of their templates just in case. We didn't need a single one! They took real pride and the work they produced far exceeded my expectations!

The children proved me wrong on every count.  Every worry I had didn't happen and sometimes it's important to just take that risk because the children really did know more than I thought :) - Mr Saud.

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