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Wexham Court

Primary School

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Bikeability in the Building!

This week our Year 5 children have had the opportunity to get involved in Bikeability. At Wexham, we aim to teach our children practical skills and how to cycle on today’s roads. This initiative is park of the Government’s National Training Programme, designed to promote cycling as a safe and sustainable mode of transportation.

Cycling is not only a fun and enjoyable activity, but it also has numerous benefits for our health and the environment. By running Bikeability courses every year at our school, we are not only encouraging our children to be active and healthy but also equipping them with essential skills to navigate the roads safely.

The Bikeability program focuses on teaching children how to ride a bike confidently, handle traffic situations, and follow road rules. It provides hands-on training that allows students to practice cycling in real-life scenarios under the guidance of experienced instructors. By learning these practical skills, our children will be better prepared to cycle safely on today's roads and make informed decisions while navigating traffic.

By instilling a sense of responsibility and respect for road users at a young age, the program helps create a culture of safe and considerate cycling in our community. Not only does it provide them with practical skills and knowledge, but it also fosters a sense of independence and confidence on the road. Through this program, we are shaping a generation of cyclists who are well-equipped to ride safely and responsibly in today's world.

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