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Wexham Court

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Year 5 Eton Project

Year 5 completes their organ works project lead by Liz Cooper as part of the Arts Council Project.

We were very lucky to be chosen to visit Eton school and see how the grand organ works.  With over 1000 pipes the sounds of the organ resonated through the chapel as our Year 5 children performed a song they had written, accompanied by music they had produced.The piece was very emotional, with the organ accentuating the atmosphere.  

The pupils read out poetry as parents listened in the pews.  The pupils had learned many facts about the organ, how it works and the vast range of sounds and pitch it can produce.  To accompany the day, the pupils led an audience with King Henry in the museum and show cased their art work in the anti chapel.  They produced mini stained glass disks, big banners to represent the school houses and Eton and a stained glass window which is now displayed in the school.  The whole experience was fantastic and I am delighted the pupils had the opportunity to experience performing live at Eton Chapel.  Well done Year 5 - you were magnificent!



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