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Wexham Court

Primary School

Preparing every child to become a successful individual in an ever evolving world


Parents have a legal obligation to ensure their child receives their entitlement to their education. This is fulfilled by parents ensuring their child comes to school every day.   

We understand that if your child is unwell they will not be able to attend school. If your child is absent as a result of illness, you should phone us on 01753 524 989 or complete our 'child absence form' on the first day of absence, to let us know the reason.

When your child is well enough to return to school, you must also provide a letter explaining the reason for their absence. This information will be recorded in the class register and the letter will then be kept in the school office. The registers are legal documents, which are regularly scrutinised by a member of the Local Authority’s Attendance Service.

Absences due to illness, religious observance and medical appointments, for which we receive an explanation, are given an authorisation in the registers. Absences for which we receive no written explanation remain unauthorised absences in the registers. High levels of unauthorised absence, regular days off, or periods of absence will be investigated by the Attendance Officer. Parents may be requested to come to an Attendance Panel, to explain seriously high levels of absence. They may be at risk of prosecution for failing to bring their child to school regularly which may result in being fined by the Authority.

Parents occasionally request the Head Teacher to authorise absences for family holidays. In line with Local and National Government guidance and due to unacceptably high levels of pupil absence in recent school years, the Governors and Head Teacher at Wexham Court Primary School have instructed that no holiday absence is authorised. School is closed for a sufficient amount of time each year for families to make arrangements to take holidays that do not impact upon their children’s education.

Some requests for absence for very exceptional reasons may be authorised, but all parents making the request will be interviewed by a senior teacher, an Assistant Head or the Head Teacher.  If you do take your child out of school during term time, the present Fixed Penalty Notice fee is £120 per child per parent, but if paid within 21 days £60.00 per child per parent, which takes effect on the fifth day of absence.

The schools Attendance Officer is Mrs L. Goddard, who can be reached on 01753 524 533.

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