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Wexham Court

Primary School

Preparing every child to become a successful individual in an ever evolving world

Our Vision


Preparing every child to become a successful individual in an ever evolving world


To challenge and support all learners in an active and engaging curriculum that promotes enjoyment and success; creating socially, emotionally and intellectually equipped individuals who are resilient, independent and able to make positive choices that will help them to fulfil their ambitions and contribute as a member of their own and the wider international community.


Resilience, Communication, Curiosity, Creativity & Community

The vision and mission statement grew out of discussion with pupils, staff, parents and governors over a period of time.   Due to this collaborative approach, we believe it is the collective responsibility of all involved, to help promote and nurture these core values throughout the school. 

Our values will support pupils not only during their school life, but beyond so they may become successful adults in a competitive and evolving world.

Resilience: we need to persevere when confronted with a difficult or tricky situation.

Communication: we must be able to socially, verbally and physically communicate with others so we can progress successfully through life.

Curiosity: to be self-motivated to find out and do more, which can only be a good thing.

Creativity: so that we can think outside the box .

Community: we support each other within our school in Wexham, Slough and beyond.

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